Welcome to Classic Christmas Tree


Classic Christmas Trees is a boutique Christmas Tree company based in Greytown, Wairarapa. We grow a variety of wonderful trees that are part of the Christmas tradition. The Trees take a number of years growth to an average requirement.  They are trimmed twice a year, be fully irrigated, and be carefully monitored for disease, we do have a number of casualties due to this and the strong winds during equinox.  Therefore only the best survive.

You are welcome to visit our tree farm on Reservation weekend during November to choose the tree of your preference. Collection and general sales are held during open days in December.  We can bale your tree to make it easier to take it home or you can bring your own tarpaulin. We also offer tree clean up bags to help dispose your tree with no mess!  There are tree stands that will hold your tree securely in place and keep it fresh for many weeks.

Prices of Trees vary depending on Variety size and condition.  We will also have Red Tag specials and precut specials for immediate sale during the December open days..

Please be aware and make yourself familiar with all the safety issues involved with walking around the 5 acres of trees.  Also please make sure your children are aware of the dangers as well.  Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash at all times.

There are no public toilets available for use.  Please make use public toilets at entrance to Greytown or in the Main Street prior to your visit.